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I have free gemstone treatments (DIY) & Aka Dua Healing samples, if I am in the shop at the time. It is free but I do accept donations. I have moved the shop to Conroe Central Market where I now lease one 10x10 booth space instead of a stand alone shop. The hours are Mon - Sa: 10 am til 5:00 pm, Su: 1 - 4:30 pm and the owner/manager closes the doors promptly, don't wait til the last minute. Try to get in there by 5 pm. I can't keep the doors open for people any more. They are open 7 days a week except for some holidays. I will be there often but you can call my shop/cell number and make an appointment for me to be there to assist you.

Hours open:
Monday - Saturday 10 am til 5:00 pm
Sunday 1 pm til 4:30 pm
Call for appointments if you want ME to be there to assist you. My Number: NO TEXTS! 281-250-4176 (Beth) Please... NO SOLICITATION! Thank you for understanding.





Hi, Y'all! Welcome To My Bead, Rock, Healing, Metaphysical & Art Booth!


I am still working (yeah, right) on the online 'store' but you can find my crystals, rocks, jewelry, arts, crafts & beads in Facebook & in Conroe Central Market located at 223/225 North Thompson St, Conroe, Tx 77301. I have reduced my three connected booths to ONE booth. You will find my booth behind the old car in front of the cash register at Conroe Central Market where I have some of my handcrafted art, gemstone wands, Texas memorabilia, jewelry (including metal free necklaces, pendants & bracelets), rocks, crystals, metaphysical items, gemstones, (herbs, resin incense by request only) accessories, beads, antiques, resale items, hats & decor. I am rarely at the shop. They don't allow booth owners to sell except through their cash register. The cashier has keys to all the displays. They will weigh the untagged stones for you or you can call me in advance for afternoon service and I can meet you down there. I can't tag everything. Some items are too small to tag so if you are interested in personal service, call me first. Make an appointment for me to be there and please tell me the items you are interested in so I can find them at my house or in my car. Not everything is at the space due to the size of it. Classes and meetings will be available now but only during shop hours.

I Specialize in Unusual and Natural Stones.

I have REAL, natural, unheated, untreated Citrine...

And real Smokey Quartz, dug up right here in America by American prospectors and land owners.

Not that baked, faked, irradiated stuff they pass off as Citrine & Smokey Quartz but I do have some of that bright yellow & orange "Citrine', the baked Amethyst kind people know & love, somewhere. You have to call my mobile phone & ask for it.

I have lots of rare stones some in different colors and shapes. Like (pictured below) Magnetite (yes, that is spelled right), Hanksite, hematite crystals, Smithsonite, Epidote, Green Kyanite, (not pictured, also black kyanite, orange kyanite, silver kyanite). I also have Record Keeper Rubies and small ruby wands. Much of these stones are not at the shop. The shop hours are not compatible with so many people's hours. But I can meet you at the West Davis/105 Conroe Starbucks after CCM hours if I have the stones with me. *hint... make an appointment* I will have better hours when I move to my own space.



Most are in rough rock and natural crystal forms. I rarely have faceted stones and most polished stone in jewelry making form are hand made right here in Conroe by myself. I don't buy the highly expensive stones that are perfect mineral specimens because I prefer to not invest my money in that. I can buy specialty stones FOR you with a deposit and contact information. This is rare though. I prefer to educate you on where to look and how to buy. 

I love building, reading, crystals, stones, glass, arts & crafts, jewelry, concrete, yarn, threads & cords & pretty much anything working with my hands. I love to make jewelry, gemstone wands, play with rocks & beads, make pretty stained glass, sculpting, recycling & teaching arts & crafts. I recycle/resell books, glass, paper, plastic & metals. Heck, let it hold still long enough & I just may try to recycle it.

 I hate to throw good things away. I may sell it, give it away or trade it, chip it up & mosaic with it but I just don't want to throw it away if it still has quality or is pretty. So now, when I can, I make something out of it. Not everything I sell is recycled, though. I have a few fine hand cut and polished cabochons self made right here in Conroe, Texas, as well as some I have hand picked & bought, spalled obsidian where you strike a rock til it pops a shiny piece off. I then smooth the edges and sell the rock or wire wrap it for wearing. These are made from larger rough rocks, from all over the world (hm, maybe that COULD be considered recycling), & wire wrapped or cord wrapped one of a kind jewelry with a few odds & ends thrown in here & there along with a 'garage sale' shelf sometimes.


I make jewelry, stained glass, mosaics, funny & affirmative signs; hand painted mandala rocks, pictures, wood pieces; concrete art, polished gemstones, cement sculpture, gemstone wands, lighted potpourri, glass block lights, mosaics & more! 

Due to the space restrictions, I won't have it all at the Conroe Central Market shop. Call and make an appointment! Come see us! I can bring it with me to the shop or another meeting place if you make an appointment to view or I can send you a picture instead if I know in advance. Do not text the number I have listed. It is a magic jack number but I do have a cell phone you can get the number for from me to text & send pictures.